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Tyre Diameter024
Static Radius0-0
Wheel rim offset
Front wheel track1515
Rear wheel track1525
Tyre inner side wall to suspension-Y10
Outer sidall wallY-20

When tyre size are changed to upsized it is always recommended to confirm the necessary clearance. The calculator offers the change in clearance in static condition to understand clearance.

When original tyre of 205/55R16 is upsized to 215/50R17 following clearance will have effects, If R16 has 40mm offset where as 17 has 50mm of offset, and vehicle original track is 1500 . With 215/50R17 Tyre following clearance change will be observed. Track change from 1500 to 1510 Tyre inner to suspension clearance will change =+5 = increase in clearance Outer side clearance = -15= the clearance will reduced by 15mm